Basrah Journal of Date Palm Research

(ISSN 1816-0379)


1.Basrah  Journal of Date Palm Research is a half-yearly refereed journal published by Date Palm Research Center –Basrah university; the journal publishes only original papers in all areas related to Date Palm.

2.General and a special requirement for publication:-

Three copies should be submitted with the manuscript, typewritten in double space on 210 x 297mm (A4) white paper with 2.5 cm margin on all four sides by the computer according to a windows program.

The first page should be contained a title of a paper in boldface letter, authors names affiliation.

Authors should organize their papers according to the following scheme:

Title of paper; author names and affiliation; summary; introduction, material, and methods; results and discussion; references and summary in another language.

All references cited in the text should be carefully checked for accuracy; giving the name of the author followed by the year of publication; if more than more two authors only first author name should be appear followed by et al.

The general pattern for citing the references should be :

author name, year of publication; the title of a paper, journal volume, pages.

If the reference is a book:

Author name, year of publication, books title, publisher.

Tables must be prepared on a separate page with a number on each table and the title of the table concern its content.

Figures must be drawn in black Chinese on the tracing paper, if figures are drawn by computer, they should be in high quality and ready for photocopying, photographs should be printed in black and white on glossy papers.

International units must be used anywhere in the manuscript, Latin binomial must be used anywhere (summary and text of manuscript).

3.Papers should not exceed 20 pages include tables and figures.

4.The manuscript must be submitted to the following address:

Editorial secretary of Basrah Journal of Date Palm  Research

Date Palm Research Center

Basrah University